Another waterfowl season is upon us. Season dates this year will be October 27 thru December 25 for ducks and October 27 thru January 31 for geese. We are expecting a good season this year and are looking forward to hunting with all of you. Until we see you in the field, shoot straight and happy hunting.

Enjoy Goose Hunting and Duck Hunting at the members-only Torino Hunt Club located in the Central Zone of Illinois. Waterfowl hunting at its finest.

torino Hunt Club was named after the city that once was, which is now located under the depths of the Braidwood of the Midwest's hottest waterfowl areas. Come experience the thrill of hunting at its best! torino Hunt Club offers over 4,000 acres of farm ground, heated pits, and professional guides to provide you with a waterfowl experience you soon won’t forget.

Our properties encompass a flight pattern for the waterfowl that ranges from a couple hundred-yard flights to a six-mile flight and everything in between.

Our motto is, "hunt where the birds are flying", so we offer a variety of hunting options from the large choice of huntable land to the blind layout options. We have strategically placed heated pits on premium hunting locations throughout our properties to provide you with a world class waterfowl hunting experience.

Successful Boy Scouts Event

A successful hunt and fundraiser for the Boy Scouts, thank you to all participants and organizers for your hard work and efforts. What a great day afield for a great organization


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